ASLC candidates speak, few listen

ASLC presidential candidate Harry Jiang

By Reginald James Editor
Candidates for the 2010 ASLC elections introduced themselves to the student body on the Laney College quad on April 13.

The noontime forum started 15 minutes late due to an unexpected Obama for America press conference convened by campus administration. A plethora of candidates stated their platforms and why they believe they should be elected.

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Later, three of the four ASLC presidential candidates were seated at a table on the quad and answered prepared questions from the ASLC Election Committee.

Harry Jiang, currently vice-president of ASLC discussed his goals of increased student activity and budget reform.

“I will strive my best to represent students,” Jiang said. Jiang, also active in the campus’ Social Media Club, said he “will use our (ASLC) limited budget to make unlimited opportunities for students.”

Anton Bosneaga, currently a senate alternate, said he wants to ensure that Laney College serves the community.

“It is important that Laney College does what it has to do, and save the community,” Bosneaga said.

Dawna Williams, current Vice-President of the Alpha Lambda Co-Ed Sorority and the Inter-Club Council (ICC) Representative on ASLC, said her work to date speaks for itself.

“I’m not just going to talk to you about what I’m going to do,” Williams said. “I’m going to talk to you about what I’m doing.”

ASLC candidate Elizabeth King was absent.

Brandy Smith
ASLC Publicity Publicity Commissioner Candidate Brandy Smith asks panel a question at April 13 forum on the Laney College quad.
Students in the quad appeared to tuned out the event. Many students socialized with each other, ate their lunches or played dominos outside the central quad.

A microphone was placed at the center of the quad for students to ask questions. Candidates for other offices asked most questions, or students associated with those running.

ASLC elections will be held April 20 and April 21 from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. in the Student Center. A valid student ID is required to vote.

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