ASLC Senator Candidate Leonard Hutton

Leonard Hutton

Position: Senator
Major: Computer Science
GPA: 3.87

Why are you running for ASLC?
I find it an interesting way for me to stay out of trouble, and at the same time be helping others, by advocating and being someone who can be a go between for students to the administration.

What experience do you have that qualifies you for the position?
I am currently an ASLC senator, so being in the position gives me a heads up on the experiences I'll be encountering in the next year, as well as I being a part of several different groups and coalitions that have been advocating for the students so far this year...this gives me the unique position of being in touch with those people that are in the center of making things happen for the students here at Laney College.
What are your top three (3) priorities if elected?
  1. Informing the students how to deal with the budget cuts.
  2. Getting students involved with their shared governance process, allowing them to be a part of the decisions that affect them.
  3. Finding out what the students feel they need, and finding ways for these needs to be met.

What does leadership mean to you?
Leadership means setting an example for others to follow, while being accountable for your actions, while at the same time taking the risks that empower your constituents in reaching goals that help them better themselves.

Laney College is considered to be a very diverse campus. Is diversity at an educational institution important? Why?
Diversity is important in everything...everywhere! The world is a very diverse place, and anywhere you go you must be prepared to encounter differences in everything you do. Despite people being different colors, speaking different languages, or having different preferences, you must be prepared to accept people for who and what the are, while being able to be yourself at the same time.

Many students at Laney College, particularly Black students, claim to have difficulties with financial aid. Do you have any ideas/plans to increase students' access to financial aid opportunities?
I think that bringing the FA process to the students is a major goal that needs to be met. If we as students, promote workshops which help students understand the process, I think it will help our students very much.
Also, if we create a way for the fees to be removed from our FA checks beforehand I believe this is another way that we can streamline the process. Some people just aren't able to hold on to money when they have other bills hanging over their heads, and needing to come up with $30-$40 just to get your check can be a problem which we could avoid by having the fees removed beforehand.

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