Chauncey Bailey murder trial begins, four Blacks removed from jury

By Reginald James
Black Chauncey Bailey Project

A jury was selected Monday morning in the murder trial of Oakland journalist Chauncey Bailey.

Former leader of Your Black Muslim Bakery, Yusef Bey IV, and Antoine Mackey are standing trial for Bailey's murder. Bey alleged ordered the killing, while Mackey allegedly drove the getaway vehicle.

A former bakery worker DeVaugndre Broussard confessed to the shooting after an Oakland Police raid the day after Bailey's assassination. He later recanted, only to confess again and testify before a grand jury. He is expected to testify as a part of a plea deal.

Of over 100 potential jurors, there were seven women and five men selected for the jury, including two older African Americans. Five alternates were chosen too, including one younger Black man and an older Black woman.

  • Over 100 potential jurists
  • Jury selected Monday, March 21 in Chauncey
  • Seven (7) women
  • Five (5) men
  • Four African Americans removed
  • Judge denies motion challenging removal of Black jurors
Alameda County prosecutor Melissa Krum removed four African American potential jurors. Lawyers for the defendants, Yusef Bey IV and Antoine Mackey, challenged their removal. Krum argued that the African Americans were not removed from the jury pool due to race, but for other reasons.

One woman was "extremely religious" while another had a son who felt her son was "treated unjustly" by the criminal justice system. One man was formerly employed by "Spectator" magazine, and having someone on the jury who worked for a "counter culture" publication was "not in the interest of the people," Krum said. The man also had a positive attitude towards Black Muslims, and Black Muslim organizations.

The last juror dismissed, a young Black man, was dismissed before he could even be seated. Krum said he was removed because he of his "cynicism" and "mistrust" of the criminal justice system. Krum also said she did not believe that the young man, who lived in the community where Your Black Muslim Bakery operated and had patronized the establishment, had not heard about the murder trial.

Judge Thomas Reardon denied the motion. Opening statements in the murder trial may begin this afternoon.

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