"Lovelle Mixon" by Sleepy-D - Music Monday

Two years ago, young, Black Oakland resident Lovelle Mixon got into a shootout with Oakland Police that ended in the death of four Oakland Police officers, including two SWAT members, before Mixon was murdered himself.

This week's Music Monday features Oakland artists Sleepy-D and G-Wett with a dedication to the "Knock Down King," entitled, "Lovelle Mixon."

The shooting got national attention, a state's funeral for the officers (and four City Council room's named after them), and the demonization of Mixon, his family, friends, and supporters. Is Lovelle Mixon a murderer or a martyr?

Regardless, many young Black men in Oakland, with the murder of Oscar Grant fresh on their minds, victimized by generations of police terrorism, have saluted Mixon's resistance.

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