Omali Yeshitela to speak in Oakland at Humanist Hall

Omali Yeshitela, leader of the Uhuru movement, returns to Oakland to promote his latest book, "One People! One Party! One Destiny!" He speaks at the Humanist Hall on Tuesday, March 22.

Chairman Yeshitela is a veteran of the 1960s Black Power Movement, author, political theorist and a lifelong activist. He currently Chairs the African Socialist International and the Black is Back Coalition.

His newest book "reveals the causes behind the crisis in the world today and shows the way forward for African people and our allies." As the Chairman of the African Socialist International, Yeshitela is on the forefront of the demand for one united Africa, following in the footsteps of Marcus Garvey and Malcolm X before him.

Chairman Yeshitela was last in Oakland speaking on the one-year anniversary of the shootout between Oakland Police and 26 year old resident Lovelle Mixon. Many Hip-Hop fans will remember him from the intro song, "Wolves" on dead prez's "Let's Get Free."

After speaking on Monday at Modern Times Bookstore in San Francisco, he will speak at the Humanist Hall, 390 27th Street (between Broadway and Telegraph) on Tuesday, March 22 at 7 p.m.

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