"Throw the Rope" by WolfHawkJaguar - Music Monday

Oakland-based activist, actor, writer and filmmaker Adimu Madyum's new song, "Throw the Rope" is this week's Music Monday. The video, under his Hairdoo performing name, WolfHawkJaguar invokes the Orishas present in West Oakland.

Madyum recently directed the controverial documentary, "Operation Small Axe." And when he's not documenting the community -- like his recent work through Oakland Voices -- you will likely catch him onstage at the Sister Thea Bowman Theater in the Lower Bottoms.

Update: Adimu is raising money for a full-length film, "Hunter Poetry" and "Throw the Rope" is a part of that project. Help him raise money to complete the film via Kickstarter.com.

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