Killer Oakland Police officer Patrick Gonzalez identified, armed and dangerous, activists say

Killer Oakland Police cop Patrick Gonzalez identified

There is a man, armed and dangerous, roaming the streets of Oakland, California. He has killed three citizens, wounded another and known for harassing countless others.

"Sgt Patrick Gonzales is one of Oakland's most notorious killers," according to Oakland Cop Watch. "At the moment this murderer is being paid more then $200,000 a year for terrorizing the residents of Oakland. Everyone in Oakland needs to know the identity of Patrick Gonzales. He is a threat to us all!"

The anti-police terrorism organization, "Oakland Copwatch" has recently identified Gonzalez and produced the "Wanted" poster picture above.

Gonzales is known for shooting and killing the unarmed Gary King, Jr. in 2007. Calling King a "potential suspect" in a recent murder, Gonzales sped across six-lanes of traffic on Martin Luther King Blvd, grabbed King by the hair and tased him. When King ran, Gonzales shot him in the back.

A mural was created for King on a BART column, but was buffed by the transit agency earlier last fall.

He also shot and killed Joshua Russell in 2002. He also shot and wounded Amir Rollins in June 2006 for allegedly being armed with a shotgun. Last March, Gonzales was wounded while executing a botched SWAT raid to kill Lovelle Mixon -- an Oakland resident who had just shot and killed two Oakland Police officers -- that unnecessarily resulted in the deaths of two more Oakland police officers.

Cop Watch has encouraged people to be careful if approached by Gonzales, he is armed and licensed to kill, they say.

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