Students protest trustees meeting

Laney College president Elnora Webb attempts to speak with
The April 13 Peralta Board of Trustees meeting was temporarily shut down by students protesting budget cuts and mothers fighting the closure of the COA Children’s Center.
After dozens spoke out, students demanded an immediate response from trustees.

The Board quickly adjourned the meeting and retreated to the Chancellor’s Office Conference room. Students chanted, "No cuts, No fees/Education should be free" and "Elihu Harris - what's your problem?/They're just children, don't you rob 'em?/".

Students later formed a circle with the chairs in the audience and began discussing future steps. Peralta Police, who had called for back up, demanded protesters leave the building by 9 p.m., under the impression that the meeting was over. By 9 p.m., the Board room was nearly empty. Minutes later, the board emerged and reconvened.

At the same meeting, trustees appointed veteran educator Dr. Wise Allen as interim chancellor.

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