ASLC Publicity Commissioner Brandy Smith

Brandy Smith

Position: Publicity Commissioner
Major: Social Science
GPA: 3.44

Why are you running for ASLC?
The reason i am running for Publicity commissioner is to tighten up my communication skills while actively advocating for the students issues and rights. By ensuring that the transparency is adhered to between Faculty, and the Peralta district and anyone for that matter that would like to know what it is that the students are in need of and also what the students stand for. I will serve as the formal voice for the diversity of Laney College.

What experience do you have that qualifies you for the position?
I don't think that you need much experience for my position you just need to be able to empathize with the students and relay their message with the same passion. I can definitely sympathize with them because i am going thru it with them.

What are your top three (3) priorities if elected?

  1. Effective communication between the faculty and the students
  2. The Needs of the students highly publicized and adhered to;
  3. More gained recognition for the achievements of the Underpaid staff and students.

What does leadership mean to you?Leadership to me means having the ability to critically assess a situation prior to making a judgement that affects many. Standing by all decisions rendered and remaining open to constructive elements to constantly improving situations and self.

Laney College is considered to be a very diverse campus. Is diversity at an educational institution important? Why?I think that diversity in college institutions are detrimental to your college experience, it allows ones views, thoughts, and behaviors to be altered, shared, and a compassion is developed for change. it both encourages and motivates, because diversity affords a individuals the ability to function on higher levels in society and contributes to successful career transitions.

Many students at Laney College, particularly Black students, claim to have difficulties with financial aid. Do you have any ideas/plans to increase students' access to financial aid opportunities?
My idea is to incorporate more communication with financial aid specialists having them hold bi-weekly Q & A sessions. building relationships with them so that the students are better equipped to troubleshoot their individual situations.
-Also more financial aid workshops extending beyond just applying going more into detail about what exactly they are filling out so that they are conscience of what the consequences and benefits are to certain things that need to be done to ensure your success with funding.
-opening up more positions for financial aid work-study options to the studies would also motivate more students to stay beyond just getting the check.

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