Student Trustee Candidate Jurena Storm

Jurena Storm
Major: Political Science
G.P.A.: 3.508
Slogan: “United by Storm”

What is the role of a Student Trustee? What does a Student Trustee do?
The role of a Student Trustee is to be the official voice of the students in shared governance.
The Student Trustee is the voice of the students in deliberations of the governing board. In my opinion in order for the Student Trustee to be that voice they must work closely with the students to be able to say that you are the student voice.

Why are you running for Student Trustee?
Students deserve strong representation at the District Level. Someone that is knowledgeable of the issues and can articulate the needs and wants of the students to the Board; while also having the ability to articulate the wants and needs of the Board and the District as a whole to the students without using intimidation or fear. I want to work with the students in partnership to empower students to tap into the power that we posses within the District to make change for ourselves and the future students to come.

What experience do you have that qualifies you to serve as a Student Trustee?
My life experience, my work history in corporate America, the classes that I take, the clubs I participate in, skills that I have obtained at various workshops and trainings qualifies me on paper to serve as a Student Trustee. What qualifies me the most is that I am a struggling student that can relate to the student population; I am affected by the policies and issues just as my fellow students. Because I am also in the fight I have the passion and empathy to represent the students with my all and my best.

What are your top three (3) priorities if elected?

  1. To improve communication and dissemination of accurate information to the students.
  2. To improve student participation in shared governance on all levels especially the District.
  3. Unifying the four sister colleges and fostering a spirit of family, care, responsibility to our fellow students and our schools.
The Peralta Colleges are considered to be very diverse campuses. How will you go about representing students of so many different backgrounds?
The only way to represent the many diverse students within the Peralta District is to work with the Associated Students and Inter-Club Councils closely on all four campuses. I understand that the Student Trustee position is a partnership position with all the other student leaders on the four campuses. I further understand that there are student leaders on campuses that are not recognized officially. Therefore, I plan on developing a special team of students on each campus to help me represent the 30,000 students in the Peralta District.

Are there any particular issues or policies that you intend to address that affect Black or African students?
The operative word in this question is students; although I understand and I am sensitive to the struggles of the African American student because I am African American. I intend to be a Student Trustee for all students. In regards to the particular issues or policies; my focus will be on the new Student Health Fee to ensure that we receive services that are needed.

Should Student Trustee term limits be extended? Why or why not?
In my opinion the Term Limits for a Student Trustee should not be extended. Like all the other student shared governance positions, this position is a learning opportunity. This opportunity should be made available to as many qualified students as possible. We are all at Community College to gain experience and training to transition to the next stage in life. Because the time at the Community College level may exceed two years it is imperative to have term limits so there will be someone with knowledge and experience to guide the new people in the position. I further believe that sometimes the longer you hold a position your passion and sense of urgency fades. You can become comfortable and lose touch with your constituency.

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