Peralta Student Election Guide

After careful deliberation, The Black Hour is sharing our 2010-2011 Election Guide.

There are a number of candidates for Student Trustee, ASLC President and there is a very important (and confusing) ballot measure. Here are our suggestions:

Election Guide
Proposition A
No. "two one year terms"

Student Trustee
No endorsement

ASLC President
Dawna Williams

Publicity Commissioner
Brandy Smith

Leonard Hutton
District Wide Elections
Proposition A: Extending Term Limits for Student Trustees
No. Do not extend term limits for Student Trustees. This proposition is undemocratic, and emerged in an undemocratic fashion. Not only that, it appears very ambiguously on the ballot.

The Black Hour urges you to vote in favor of keeping terms at a "maximum of two one-year terms."

Student Trustee - No endorsement.
Not only did all of the candidates fail to achieve the required signatures to qualify for the ballot, but we believe Black students will have to push all these students into action.
Although we were thoroughly impressed by Jurena Storm's responses to our questionnaire; we were concerned by her lack of a response to concerns about a major issue among African American students. We appreciate her willingness to represent all students; however, we realize that Black students will have to push her as they would any other student to get our agenda realized.
Our committee does not support extending term limits for Student Trustees. For an incumbent, we did not feel she adequately answered our questions. So, although we appreciated incumbent Yvonne Thompson's response to our last question, we believe it is time for her to pass the torch and allow another student the opportunity.
Rita Mouton-Patterson and Darnice Davis did not respond to our questionnaire.

Laney College
ASLC President - Dawna Williams
Vote for Dawna Williams. Williams was the only candidate that responded to our survey; and from what we can tell, she is the only one actively campaigining. Although other students have numerous signs throughout the campus, she is actively speaking to students. In fact, she has done so throughout the semester, not only in her campus job as a counselor, but through her role in the Alpha Lambda organization and her "News you can Use" (tri-weekly campus announcements).

Publicity Commissioner - Brandy Smith
We are confident that Smith will creatively, actively work to share information with the student body.
Disclosure: Smith is a photographer for The Black Hour

Senator - Leonard Hutton

(Click on the names above to read their responses to our survey)

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