ASLC candidates meet

Committee explains election rules, one candidate disqualified for absences

By Reginald James Editor

Sixteen candidates for the 2010 ASLC elections assembled before the Elections Committee at a mandatory candidates meeting March 16 on the fourth floor of the Laney College Student Center.

"You cannot hang your poster over another candidate’s poster. You cannot move another candidate's flier."
Sara French
ASLC Elections Chair
The committee briefed candidates about appropriate campaign conduct, expense limits and important election-related dates. Candidates received a copy of the Peralta Student Elections Code and were able to ask the committee questions.

The Election Committee currently includes Chair ASLC Secretary Sara French, President Ju Hong and Treasurer Courtney Hom.

“You cannot hang your poster over another candidate’s poster,” Elections Committee Chair and ASLC French said. “You cannot move another candidate’s flier.”

Hong said that rule will be strictly enforced, considering that it happened during last year’s election.

“Let’s be respectful,” Hong stated. “Let’s have a clean campaign.” Hong added that student’s can only campaign on campus. “There’s a liquor store down the street. You can’t just put up a poster. That’s a violation.”

2010 ASLC Election Candidates:
Dawna Williams
Elizabeth King
Harry Jiang
Anton Bosneaga

Brian Nelson

Erin Lofstrom-Perez

Darnice Davis
Zuleivi Aguilar

Publicity Commissioner
Brandy Smith
Xuwen Guo
Talitha McAdams

Luniva Shrestha
Andrew Kim
Lingsi Ke
Stephen Hy
Leonard Hutton
Hom, who ran against Hong for ASLC President last year suggested that candidates be innovative. Last year, she put fliers on students’ cars in the parking lot near Eighth St. When asked by presidential candidate Dawna Williams if that was a violation, Hom responded, “We didn’t get called out for it. It’s on campus property. So, as far as I know, it’s fine.”

Student Activities Adviser Algeria Kirven, who is also a member of the committee, said candidates will not be allowed near the Student Center when the polls are open on Tuesday, April 20 and Wednesday, April 21.

“We don’t want anybody to be campaigning inside the Student Center,” he said. He added that on election days, candidates have to get all their materials down from inside the Student Center. “And they have to be removed from campus by 48 hours after the election.”

Campaign expenses are limited to $150 per candidate.

“No more than $150,” French said, “and we do have to have itemized receipts for each and every candidate.” Donated items should be included, also. Candidates will all get access to the printer and copier in the ASLC Senator’s office on the fourth floor of the Student Center, she said. Since everyone has the same access, it will not count towards the total. Receipts should be turned in by April 19 at 4 p.m.

"No more than $150 and we do have to have itemized receipts for each and every candidate."
Sara French
French then wrote numbers on slips of paper and held a random lottery to determine the order of candidates’ names on the election ballot.

Presidential candidate Elizabeth King protested the procedure, requesting Kirven count draw the numbers, but French cited the Election Code that states the Election Committee Chairperson must draw the numbers. The candidates’ names, as they will appear on the ballot appear on the sidebar at right.

All candidates were present except Publicity Commissioner Candidate Talitha McAdams was disqualified at the meeting for missing the mandatory meeting. The Black Hour pointed out that the elections code states there would be a minimum of two mandatory meetings. The Committee unanimously voted to disqualify McAdams, regardless.

ASLC Presidential candidate Anton Bosneaga arrived 15 minutes late. Committee members could be heard discussing the tardiness at the table, but did not take any action nor formally address the matter.

Important Election Dates

Elections: April 20-21
Receipts Due: April 19
One other write-in candidate for senator was present.

Regarding the upcoming student trustee elections, French stated there were “no student trustees running,” as far as she knew. “Nothing has been formally presented that people have met the qualifications to run.”

Candidates were invited to a candidate’s forum being organized by the Media Communications Sports Production class Wednesday night.

After the meeting was adjourned, and candidates had their photos taken by the Laney Tower newspaper, College of Alameda student Jurena Storm arrived and was announced as the lone candidate for student trustee.

Kirven is also a member of the election committee, but can only vote in the event of a tie. The two remaining committee seeks are neither vacant, or members were absent Monday.

The ASLC Elections Committee will announce the election winners April 22 at 12 p.m... The following Tuesday at 5 p.m. is the deadline to file an election protest.
ASLC spring 2010 Elections are April 20-21. For more info, call ASLC at (510) 464-3535 or (510) 464-3536.

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