ASLC offers scholarships to Laney College students

ASLC, the Associated Students of Laney College is offering $10,000 in scholarships to Laney College students.

Academic Achievement (3)
Total: $2,500
Single Parent (3)
Total: $2,250
Vocational Student (4)
Total: $2,750
Financial Need (5)
Total: $2,500
There are 15 scholarships total. All qualifying students, regardless of citizenship or immigration status can apply.

There are scholarships for vocational students, single parents, academic achievers (with a minimum GPA of 3.5), and for students who demonstrate financial need and more.

ASLC Scholarship applications are available in the rotating literature displays on the fourth floor of the Student Center. You can also download them below.

Applications are due to Student Activities Adviser Algeria Kirven by 4 p.m. on April 2. For more information about ASLC Scholarships, call (510) 464-3535 or (510) 464-3536.

Laney College ASLC Student Scholarship Awards 2010 FINAL

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