Paulette Hogan, Oakland HIV activist, mayoral candidate, passed away


Paulette Hogan, a HIV/AIDS activist, motivational speaker and gospel singer in Oakland passed away last week. Hogan was 47 years old.

A sharp critic of the Oakland City Council, she was an unknown factor in the upcoming Oakland mayoral race after announcing her candidacy in the fall of 2008. She began a grassroots campaign on the streets, building support at bus stops, local festivals and community events. Most recently, she engaged with social media tools like blogging and You Tube.

Hogan was a tireless advocate for the homeless -- and for the human right of decent housing, anuncompromising advocate for youth and public safety. When Oakland Police invaded her house and unnecessarily tased her, she used the incident to increase awareness of injustices in law enforcement and treatment of the Black community in Oakland.

This video, courtesy of VSmoothe shows Hogan at an Oakland City Council Committee meeting shows a bit of her passionate energy:

"Service is life's blood"

'The best thing about being positive is not being negative.'
Paulette Hogan
She likely will be remembered most fondly for her HIV/AIDS activism. After being diagnosed with the disease in 2001, she was a unwavering advocate for prevention and adequate funding for education to stop the epidemic. She worked with the National Coalition of 100 Black WOmen on the "Sistas Getting Real about HIV/AIDS" campaign. Congresswoman Barbara Lee recognized her for her HIV advocacy.

Hogan always said, "The best thing about being positive is not being negative."

Her cause of death is currently unknown. Hogan is a native of Gary, Ind. She was the youngest of 14 children. Hogan is survived by her two children; her song, Quincy, and her daughter, Terralynn.

Hope with Paulette Hogan

Rest in Peace, Paulette. Thank you for giving us hope.

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