Vote YES on Proposition A

Vote YES on Proposition A, Peralta EasyPass
The Black Hour supports Proposition A on the Peralta Colleges 2009 Student Referendum.

Students have saved over $500,000 this year on transportation thanks to the Peralta EasyPass. Students have gotten unlimited rides on AC Transit all semester for just $50. Local adult $31-day passes currently cost $70, and effective July 1, will go up to $80.

Proposition A is right on time. Proposition A extends and expands the Peralta EasyPass program, so students with as low as nine units will be able to take unlimited rides on AC Transit, "Any line at any time."

And since people of color and low-income students are more likely to ride AC Transit, we know that it is important to keep the doors to a college education open by keeping transportation affordable.

On April 28-29, Vote Yes on Proposition A. Click here for voting locations.

The Black Hour Staff

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