TBH Video: "Cops Hate Kidz" by The Burnerz

Zumbi and the Are are the 'The Burners'Journalist and Hip Hop historian Davey D reports: "Last week The BURNERZ (Zumbi of Zion I and the Are of The Burnerz) recorded the track "Cop Hate Kidz," a tribute song in response to the murder of Oscar Grant by a Bart Police Officer, as well as the murder of four Oakland [OPD] officers last week.

"The tragedies that we are witnessing can be attributed to the long history of police brutality experienced in the black and brown communities," notes MC Zumbi, who adds that this is a different song than people might be used to from the Zion I member, but that is point. "It's supposed to make cats feel uncomfortable and get people thinking."

The video compiles footage taken by Davey D.

"Cops Hate Kidz" by Zumbi of Zion I and the Are.

Do you think that Cops Hate Kidz?

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