The Black Hour 'goes green'

The Black Hour broadcasts every third Friday on 9th Floor Radio. The show is produced by African American students at Laney, and deals with various issues affecting black people. It is the only public affairs show for black students on the station.

And April 17, The Black Hour is "goes green."

The April episode of the monthly show will focus on the "Green movement, as it relates to environmental racism, environmental justice, and social equity," said Executive Producer and Host Reginald James.

"It is our shows one-year anniversary and we want to celebrate the life of the show by honoring the planet that gives life to us all," said James. The show also precedes this year's Earth Day, as well as Focus the Nation, an event educating Americans on climate change.

Nehanda Imara, an adjunct professor in Environmental Studies and African American Studies at Laney and Merritt Colleges is the shows premiere guest. Imara is also a community organizer with Communities for a Better Environment (CBE).

Also appearing on the show, Tyrone "Baby Champ" Stevenson, inventor of the "Scraper Bikes" and rapper Tevan El "Virtuous" Emmett. Each will their efforts for environmental justice using Hip Hop and Bay Area youth culture.

And lastly, Peralta recycling Bhret Skipper (Berkeley City College) will discuss campus efforts to promote sustainability on Peralta campuses.

The March episode featured performing artist and Laney student Malika Ubaka, and COA English faculty Wanda Sabir.

The Black Hour airs every third Friday at 3 p.m. Listen to The Black Hour at or visit the blog at

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