Oscar Grant dollars in Bay Area circulation

Oscar Grant lives on in many ways. Memories of friends and family were captured in numerous family photos and even a short IndyBay.org documentary. The family takes regular trips to Grant's gravesite, like their recent one after a New Year's Day vigil at Fruitvale BART.

Oakland Hip Hop artists made the Hayward-raised Grant one of town's own, as journalist Eric K. Arnold wrote. Visual artists created numerous murals and street vigils while emcees and DJs created songs and turf dancers gigged in his memory.

Now, Oscar Grant dollars. A few media outlets have received email and snail mail announcing the dollar bills with a note attached.

"The line between security & tyranny is a fine one, and justice requires close & continuous attention to it," reads the note. "The 'Oscar Grant' dollars put into circulation around 1/1/11 are intended as a non-violent reminder of that idea."

The dollars and note above were mailed to Colorlines Magazine, an online racial justice magazine that has consistenly covered the Oscar Grant movement and sentencing of convicted killer cop Johannes Mehserle.

If you see and Oscar Grant dollar in circulation, let us know.

Photo: Colorlines' Tumblr.

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