Egyptian solidarity demonstration in San Francisco

New revolutionaries at Egypt solidarity protest in San Francisco

On Saturday, January 29, a solidarity demonstration with the Egyptian people was held in San Francisco.

Over 350 people marched up Market St, according to organizers, with nearly 1,000 people rallying in the U.N. Plaza near Civic Center.

For over five days, Egyptians have hit the streets demanding dictator Hosni Mubarak, president of Egypt, resign. The recent unrest in Tunisia sparked what some are calling the new Egyptian Revolution. Mubarak is widely unpopular in Egypt, but maintains power by silencing opposition and use of police forces to crush dissent.

U.N. Plaza

While traveling throughout Egypt (Kemet) in the summer of 2010, many Egyptians expressed their displeasure with Mubarak's rule. While many had hope in U.S. President Barack Obama, many were wary of his continued support for the Egyptian dictator.

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