Oakland police shoot unarmed man, community plans march

Oakland police shot and killed unarmed business owner Derrick Jones on Nov. 8. A march from his Bancroft Ave barbershop, Kwic Cuts, to Fruitvale BART is planned for Thursday for 3 p.m. Police are defending the shooting.

According to police, OPD responded to a report of a domestic abuse between Jones and his ex-girlfriend, ABC News reports. When police arrived at Jones' barber shop, police said Jones fled, KALW News reported.

Police said they attempted to Tase Jones, but missed, adding that her appeared to be grabbing "towards his waistband."

"During the foot chase the suspect was seen grabbing towards his waistband. This occurred several times; this is a move obviously consistent with someone reaching for a weapon, possibly arming himself," Deputy Police Chief Jeffrey Israel said at a press conference.

The family took to OPD headquarters to protest the shooting of an innocent man. KALW reports:

"The names of the police officers were not released – however, OPD Spokesman Jeff Thomason did say that both officers were not white, in hope of reducing racial tensions around officer-involved shooting. According to Officer Jeff Thomason, an Oakland Police spokesman, Jones was not armed. Thomason would not identify the metal object found on Jones."

Witnesses said Jones was shot eight times. Although community members said Jones was shot in the back, mainstream press now report an autopsy reveals Jones was shot from front.

Friends and Family express their grief in a video by Oakland filmmaker Michael Cotton:

Photo: Ali Winston, KALW • Video: Michael Cotton, Cotton Club Productions

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