Activists condemn KTVU's Mehserle PR

KTVU supports Killer Cops

On the eve of the sentencing of former BART police officer Johannes Mehserle, KTVU is lobbying for his freedom, activists said.

On Nov. 1, the Coalition for Justice for Oscar Grant protested outside KTVU-Fox News' Oakland offices, condemning the recent televised jailhouse interview of Mehserle.

"Rita Williams' recent 'interview' of Mehserle was not that of an authentic reporter," said Rachal Jackson of the New Years Movement for Justice for Oscar Grant, "but a shockingly dishonest, untruthful PR stunt with the intention of creating a more sympathetic picture of Mehserle for his sentencing judge, Robert Perry, and KTVU's viewers."

"We are here to denouce KTVU and its blatant disregard for the family of the victim," Jackson said.

People held up a banner reading, "KTVU supports killer cops." This was the second time since Mehserle was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in July that community members have protested outside of KTVU. Both times, KTVU recorded the protests, but did not air that the station was the target of the protests.

Many also objected to KTVU constantly airing footage of a "Justice for Johannes" banner hoisted by Mehserle's father, Todd, during the World Series in San Francisco.

"The family can't even watch the news or a ballgame without KTVU giving free advertisement to a convicted killer," Jackson said.

After the picket, the group headed over to the Ferry Terminal at Jack London Square where former Oakland mayor and governor-elect Jerry Brown was having a campaign rally.

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