Mystified - Naru Kwina - Music Monday

This week's Music Monday:

To raise awareness about the silent epidemic of sexual abuse in the community, filmmaker and activist Dedoceo Habi, rap artist Naru Kwina and songstress Yolanda Davis have created, "Mystified."

"Both young boys and young girls — yes, even here in our fair city of Oakland — are being victimized by these quiet perpetrators who endear themselves to a family or are considered a “good person” in the neighborhood and therefore not assumed to be a threat," writes producer Dedoceo Habi on These people enter our homes and communities to perform the most destructive psychological, emotional, and spiritual betrayal one could imagine. The end result is that these children grow up hurting, growing more and more desensitized, and in many cases they become only a shell of what they once were, failing to realize their fullest potential.

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