VIDEO: Do-Dat "A Dream Reborn"

Bay Area Rapper Do D.A.T. recently teamed up with Green For All to produce "A Dream Reborn," a music video inspired by Dr. King's legacy of environmental (social justice) work, and pushing towards green jobs and not jail cells.

"Nowadays, it seems like every rap artist claims that they are representing for the hood, but few of them are present in the community when they are needed the most," reads "A Dream Reborn's" video's You Tube description.

Do Dat, born Markese Bryant, previously studied African American Studies at Laney College in Oakland, before transferring to Morehouse College in Atlanta. Be sure to check out the behind the scenes footage of "A Dream Reborn" music video, and take a tour of East Oakland with Do-Dat, pointing out the environmental injustices people face.

Bryant has been busy at Morehouse College organizing around envirnonmental awareness, recently leading "The Dream Revival: Green Recovery Symposium" at King's alma mater, after last year's PowerShift Convergence.

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