Long lines await Laney College students

Laney College students wait in the Tower lobby for their number to be called, just to wait in another line for financial aid checks Jan. 29.

On the second week of school, Laney College students waited in line for upwards of two hours Thursday, January 28 to receive financial aid checks.

In order to prevent overcrowding on the second floor, students were cordoned off into a line near the elevator in the Tower Lobby that stretched nearly outside the building. Students were then given tickets to prevent line cutting. The wait was so long, one student found a chair to sit during the wai.

Laney College student Tevita Afeumi rests during the two hour wait for a financial aid check.

The line continued once students went to the second floor, where both Financial Aid and the Bursar’s Office is located.

Laney College students waiting in line for financial aid checks, pasrking passes and the AC Transit EasyPass
Peralta Police Services were called to assist when the lines were split; one for those who only wanted a Semester Parking Permit or an AC Transit EasyPass, and those who were picking up a Financial Aid check. There were no incidents reported. In fact, when this photographer went to take photos, many students smiled.

Photos by Reginald James.

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