Oakland hosts AC Transit Bus Rapid Transit meetings

AC Transit Bus Rapid Transit
Photo: ACTforMe.org.

OaklandBRT Meeting Dates
  • January 11, 6-8 pm, Fruitvale Senior Center
    3301 E. 12th St., Ste. 201
  • January 12, 6-8 pm, Eastside Arts Alliance
    2277 International Blvd.
  • January 21, 6-8 pm, East Oakland Youth Development Center
    8200 International Blvd.
  • January 26, 6-8 pm, Faith Presbyterian Church
    430 49th St.
  • January 27, 11am-1pm, Oakland City Hall, Hearing Room 2
    1 Frank Ogawa Plaza
  • January 27, 5-7pm, Oakland City Hall, Hearing Room 4
    1 Frank Ogawa Plaza
  • January 28, 6-8pm, St. Louis Bertrand Church
    1410 100th Ave.
Oakland will host a series of meetings about AC Transit's proposed East Bay Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system beginning today.

Bus Rapid Transit has been described as "light-rail without the rails." BRT is AC Transit's proposed plan to improving transit along Telegraph Ave and International Blvd. in Oakland. BRT is being used all over the world to make transit faster and more reliable by incorporating a variety of features such as bus-only lanes, real-time arrival information, signal priority, level boarding and more, according to AC Transit.

"AC Transit is fighting to keep public transit options open," Samantha Robinson said. "We want to make public transit better so that people actually PREFER to take the bus, and that's what we've seen Bus Rapid Transit do in other cities across the US and world."

Robinson added that BRT will "make getting to Laney a lot easier for many people."

Oakland City Council members want input on the proposed plan. Meetings will be held throughout Oakland beginning tonight to discuss the plan. Throughout the process, unfortunately, students have not been very actively involved in the process.

Below is a 3D Simulation of what AC Transit's East Bay BRT could look like:

More information is available on the City of Oakland's BRT website, as well as AC Transit's BRT website.

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