The Decline of Black Radio

The has been a lot of talk about Black Radio in recent weeks considering H.R. 848 and it's potential to kill Black radio. But some say it has long been dead.

Marc Anthony Neal of A New Black Man questioned the legitimacy of Radio One's Save Black Radio campaign and asked "Should Black Radio Die?" while Cedric Muhammad of Black Electorate also questions supporting Black Radio when for the longest, these companies have abandoned the needs of the people by promoting Wackness in the Name of Blackness.

It was asked by Nigerian activist Tolu Olorunda, Is Black Radio Worth Saving?" and to the recent journalist's roundtable "Who killed Black Radio?" on Jared Ball's Jazz & Justice.

But a few months ago, a trailer for a new documentary was posted about "Disappearing Voices: The Decline of Black Radio."

This video is a must see, particularly in times where Black "Talk Radio" seems to be hot garbage masquerading as gossip and more commonly, as "news."

What do you think about the state of Black Radio? What shows do you listen to? (if any). How could Black Radio improve to fit your needs?

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