Stop BART's Oakland Airport Connector

Dear AC Transit and BART riders,

Just last week, The Black Hour was pleased to announce the passage of Proposition A: EasyPass, on the April 28-29 student elections at Peralta. As we have much to celebrate students getting $31/semester unlimited AC Transit passes, we also should be concerned that our BART fares might be going up - now and in the future (Just as AC Transit's fares will increase July 1).

Already facing a budget shortfall and planning on raising fares this year, BART is looking at getting further in debt. And you know what that could mean - more fare hikes (or a reduction in service) down the line.

On Thursday, May 14th the BART Board will vote whether to approve a rail extension between the Oakland Coliseum BART and the Airport. This half-a-billion dollar project will replace the current shuttle – all to shave a whopping five minutes off the average trip length and “provide a convenient, safe and comfortable connection between BART and OAK.” This ‘smooth ride’ will cost $6 each way, on top of their BART fare to the Coliseum.

At a time when people are struggling to barely afford bus fare, this so-called extension will only benefit those going to the airport who can afford the $12 round-trip (and those who get the jobs–probably not us). The rest of us will have to pay for the all debt incurred by the project. And the East Oakland residents and local businesses will also pay – they’ll get no new service, just the noise, construction, shadow of the 'connector' cutting through their neighborhood–just like BART ripped through the historic 7th Street in West Oakland when the system was built.

All bad.

But You Can Take Action:

Join The Black Hour in telling the BART Directors that this project makes is bad for our community. Call them at (510) 464-6095, email them at or show up on the day of the vote (9am on May 14th in their Board conference room, 3rd floor of 344 20th Street in downtown Oakland).


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Check out this op-ed in the Oakland Tribune.

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