Caravan for Justice III

Johannes Mehserle has begun his preliminary hearings for the killing of an unarmed father on New Year's Day.

And the struggle for Justice for Oscar Grant continues.

Weekly "I am Oscar Grant' Townhall Meetings

Every Saturday 4 - 6 pm
Olivet Missionary Baptist Church
807 - 27th St. / San Pablo Ave.
Oakland, CA
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On Tuesday, May 26, join thousands of Californians will take up the third Caravan for Justice at the California State Capitol in Sacramento. Buses will be departing from various locations throughout the Bay Aret that morning between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m.

The caravan is to lobby legislators in Sacramento on the issues of Oscar Grant and police killings (revising the "Police Bill of Rights" that shields their misconduct records from the public), repressive gang laws, reforming Three Strikes, and the San Francisco 8, former Black Panthers and associates being retried by Attorney General Jerry Brown for a 1971 police killing based on evidence extracted by torture in 1973.

See complete bus schedule on or follow Caravan for Justice on Twitter.

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