Occupy Oakland plans West Coast Port Shutdown

On Monday December 12, Occupy Oakland is joining with the anti-Wall Street Movements along the entire U.S. West Coast to shut down the ports.

During the November 2 General Strike, Occupy Oakland had tens of thousands in the streets, including thousands blockading the Port of Oakland.

"The ports play a pivotal role in the flow and growth of capital for the 1% in this country and internationally. For that reason alone it is the ideal place to disrupt their profit machine," according to the West Coast Port Shutdown website.

Organizers point out that workers have long been attacked at the ports: the 1934 San Francisco General Strike lead to police violence against dock workers, the 1946 General Strike in Oakland had been the nation's last general strike; and in 2003, protesters at the Port of Oakland protesting the War in Iraq were also violently attacked, leaning to Oakland Police changing their policies on crowd control.

Occupy Oakland is a local site that began October 10 following the September 2011 Occupy Wall Street Movement. For Occupy Oakland stories, visit OaklandLocal.com or Indybay.org. Further updates also available at OccupyOakland.org and on Twitter.

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