Free Mumia Summit held at Oakland's Laney College

On December 11, an anti-death penalty summit was held at Laney College in Oakland. The program focused on Mumia Abu Jamal, the recently executed Troy Davis, Stanley "Tookie" Williams, and current inmate Kevin Cooper.

Ramona Africa of the MOVE organization speaks out for freedom for her friend Mumia Abu Jamal.

Abu Jamal has been on death row for 30 years for the shooting of a Philadelphia police officer that activists say he did not commit. It was recently reported that the District Attorney would no longer seek death penalty in Abu Jamal's case. Africa called for Abu Jamal's freedom.

Barbara Becnel speaks
Barbara Becnel speaks about her friend "Tookie" Williams.

Barbara Becnel, president of the Stanley "Tookie" Williams Legacy Network shared how he wished to use his life example to save other children from violence. Williams was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.

The Stanley Tookie Williams Summit was previously held at Merritt College from 2007-2010. The program moved to Laney College this year. Speakers included prison abolitionist Angela Davis; Ramona Africa of MOVE organization, and fighter for Abu Jamal; William's friend Barbara Becnel; Crystal Baybee of Committee to Free Kevin Cooper; rapper Boots Riley; and more.

Free Mumia at Laney College video by Peralta TV

Photos by Reginald James for

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