Laney College receives bomb threat

Laney College has received a bomb threat from an anonymous caller, according to an email sent out to students on Thurs October 21.

"There has been a suspicious phone call from an anonymous individual declaring a bomb threat at Laney College," wrote Laney College President Elnora Webb.

Many students were notified by text message or email, but some did not find out until Friday morning when told about the bomb threat by other students.

"They must not have the right email or phone number for me," said Laney BSU member Tim Killings. "As the economy gets worse, domestic terrorism will get worse," he added, referring to this past summers Oakland shootout on the 580 freeway.

A few students were worried, but most didn't take it too serious.

"Who would want to blow up Laney College?" asked one international student. "It's such a nice, diverse place." She added that although she received the email last night, she disregarded the threat.

Peralta Police Services conducted a walk through of the campus, according to Webb, and may do a canine sweep if anything suspicious is found. Webb encouraged students to report anything suspicious.

"While we have no evidence to validate the credibility of this threat, we ask you to be very aware of your surroundings, which includes being vigilant in reporting any suspicious package," Webb wrote. "In the meantime, remain calm and go about your normal business."

Peralta Police Services phone number is (510) 466–7236.

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