Black Cartoonists Showcase at Laney College

Black Cartoonists participate in a panel discussion on October 13 at the Laney College as a part of the Library's current exhibit, "Coloring Outside the Lines: Black Cartoonists as Social Commentators."

The exhibit, curated by Kheven LaGrone, is about breaking outside those lines."

LaGrone told "In particular, as an African American … I feel like I'm being given a coloring book and told to stay in my proper place," he said.

A few featured cartoonists will participate in the panel.

The panel discussion will take place Wednesday, October 15 at 11 a.m. in the Laney College Library, located at 900 Fallon Street.

The Black Cartoonists as Social Commentators exhibit, which runs through October 23 at the Laney College Library.

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