Umoja Conference held in San Diego

Uniting for success of California's African American Community College students

October 12-14, 2008 UMOJA IV "Indaba: Coming Together for a Common Purpose" was held in San Diego. Sponsored by the Umoja Community, the conference is part of a grassroots movement to improve the success of African American students.

Keynote speakers included Dr. Marc Lamont Hill, Dr. Noma LeMoine, and Dr. Joseph E. Marshall, Jr. Workshops focused on academic instruction, Basic Skills, Student Services and more.

There was also a student panel featuring members of the Black Caucus Executive Board, including Reginald James, host of The Black Hour and Marlene C. Hurd, former political editor of The Black Hour. The Black Caucus is a statewide association for students of African descent.

Indaba is a Zulu word for "important meeting" that seeks to "gather the right people together at the right time to discuss the right issues.

Photo by Clyde Phillips for

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