TBH Report: MC Breed dies of kidney failure

MC BreedRapper MC Breed died Saturday from kidney failure. The Flint, Michigan emcee--whose birthname is Eric Breed--was just 36 years old.
A benefit concert had been in the works to help with growing medical expenses.
Breed had been rushed to the emergency room back in September due to kidney failure, according to MTV News.
He was on life support for two days, but was recovering.

Tupac and MC Breed

MC Breed is best remembered for his 1991 Hip Hop classic, "Ain't no Future in your Frontin'" and his collaboration with Tupac Shakur, "Gotta Get Mine."
Apparently he was in the process of releasing a new album.
While it is troubling that a star of his caliber was having difficulty with his medical expenses, it is unfortunate that he also was having issues paying child support.
Regardless, we honor him for the musical legacy he left and his contributions towards putting MidWest Hip Hop on the map. RIP MC Breed.

-Brotha Reggie, on behalf of The Black Hour

Check out MC Breed's 1991 classic, "Ain't no Future in yo' Frontin"

For more MC Breed, check out Breed's Myspace Music Page.

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