Oakland Fam Bam BBQ


The Oakland Fam Bam Labor Day Get Down was really like a family reunion. The Labor Day event had the spirit of Oakland's Carijama, a defunct festival that took place at Mosswood park every May up until 2004. There was even bicycle parking by Red, Bike and Green.

There was a jumper for the children (even though it was leaning like some grown folks were inside), food, dancing and live art.

Oakland artists Refa1 and Khufy were painting "Somalia" and "Unapologetically Black."

Artist and educator Karen Senefru gathers dirt to mix with sage that will be put inside a satchel for an upcoming art exhibit.

SLIDESHOW: Oakland Fam Bab Labor Day Get Down Photos

People danced to everything from Michael Jackson to Too $hort. And after the Electric Slide, lil' brotha Essau set the dance circle off.

Essau Bilal dances before his many admirers.

After folks danced to the sounds of the DJ D-Sharp and Aebldee, among others, the drums took center stage. Folks went to go watch "The Wiz" in the amphitheatre.

Jazmine Vassar leads the Samba impromptu ensemble at Mosswood Park.

Mosswood was transformed into the Malonga Center, as the sounds of samba vibrated to the top of the trees, into the dusk sky.

The video below created by Sasha Kelly of C-Proof features footage from the event and an interview with the event organizer, Travis Watts, of I-Am Oakland.

Photos, story by Reginald James. These photos were originally posted on The Daily Regiment.

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