Malcolm X - "No Sell Out" - Music Monday

The Bay Area celebrates the life of El Hajj Malik El-Shabazz, Malcolm X, in many ways. Oakland has the Malcolm X Jazz Arts Festival each May. The Peralta Colleges designated Malcolm's birthday as a holiday, while Laney Colleges students and members of Club Knowledge held the Malcolm X Consciousness Conference from 2003-2005, while the Laney Black Student Union recently held the Malcolm X Summit in 2010.

But each of these focus on Malcolm's birthday of May 19. In honor of the day Malcolm X was martyred, February 21, here's a special Music Monday dedicated to Malcolm.

No Sell Out by Keith LeBlanc was a 12" put out in 1983 with the approval of Malcolm's widow, Betty Shabazz. It features quotes from Malcolm over a funky, electro rap beat.

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