Oakland, BART Police shoot and kill man

Blood stains from spot where man was shot and killed by Oakland and BART police officers on Saturday morning, July 16.

A man -- identified by OPD as 48 year old Oakland resident Fred Collins, was shot and killed Saturday morning by at least five Oakland and BART police officers. The shooting occurred at about 8:15 a.m. after Oakland Police dispatchers received a call that a man was armed on the 3200 block of E 12th Street, according to police. OPD dispatchers notified BART police who had two officers in the area, police said.

Two BART police off approached a man “matching the description,” police said, and the man ran away. Police chased the man for several blocks and caught the man, they said, and attempted to Tase him. The Taser had “no effect” police said. The man ran again, but was caught again by police. The second Taser also had no effect on the man, police said.

He allegedly charged at officers with knives in each hand, police said, before multiple officers pummeled the man with bullets. Some reports state the man yelled, “Shoot me, shoot me!”

First responders arrived to the scene where the unidentified man was pronounced dead, police said. The man has yet to be identified, witnesses described as a dark-skinned man in his late 30s or early 40s, either Black or Latino, and possibly homeless. Most residents; however, only saw the man’s body covered in a blue tarp.

When community residents were told about what occurred – that BART police were involved in a shooting with Black or Brown man – the most common response was; another one?

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Photo of Fred Collins from The Bay Citizen.

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