Green for All's Julian McQueen to speak at Laney College

Julian McQueen speaks at PowerShift '09 ConferenceContinuing the dynamic series of Black History Month events, Laney College hosts "The Road Map to Green Jobs for African Americans" Tuesday, Feb. 16.

Featured speaker Julian McQueen is currently the Program Manager at Green for All. An Oakland native, McQueen graduated from San Francisco State University. He was previously an organizer with the League of Young Voters.

"He trains local leaders to build the green economy from the ground up by serving as the facilitator of the Green For All Academy," his bio reads. "He trains leaders with the tools they need to communicate the promise of the green economy and to engage disadvantaged communities in support of green jobs and climate protection strategies."

McQueen speaks from 6-7:30 pm at Laney College, Tuesday, Feb. 16 in Room E-200.

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