TBH @ Ise Lyfe Record Release

Drea Mos (right) and her sister Alex at Ise Lyfe's Record Release Party at Rasputin'sIse Lyfe launched his second LP, "Prince Cometh" at Rasputins last week. Ise had just appeared on The Black Hour on July 18.
He delivered a live performance, followed by an autograph signing session.

The Globe Newspaper's Aquelia Lewis quoted Drea Mos:

“I remember when I first heard that Ise Lyfe was getting into spoken word,” said Andrea Spearman, co-host of Laney College’s “The Black Hour” Internet radio show. “It was inspirational — he is definitely the voice of the youth of Oakland.”
Read the article on The Globe.

Check out Ise Lyfe's "Bad Word Bounce" video on The Black Hour TV (TBH-TV).

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