Recommended Reading, by Drea Mos (July)

A Piece of Cake
By Cupcake Brown
The author's memoir of how she grew up enduring life's most crazy pitfalls, yet still rose to the top&gained self-power and success. She went thru foster care abuse, prostitution, rape, gang violence, drug & alcohol addiction & recovery all before she was 25. She now practices law in San Francisco. Her website is

Race Woman (The Lives of Shirley Graham-DuBois)
By Gerald Horne
Horne gives insight into her life as never previously done to bring to light her many accomplishments before, during, and after her marriage to W. E. B. DuBois.

Darfur Diaries (Stories of Survival)
By Jen Marlowe with Aisha Bain &Adam Shapiro
In 2004 three young journalists sneak into Darfur to capture thoughts and glances of the war-struck Darfur thru the natives eyes. Darfurians were asked about their hopes, dreams, fears&views of the destruction of their land, property& people. This was later made into a Documentary film.

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