History of The Black Hour

The Black Hour began as a project of the Laney Black Student Union (Laney BSU). The purpose was to give Black students at Laney college a forum to voice their issues.

The first episodes featured student-led discussions on topics ranging from the Presidential Elections to Black male and female relationships.

The second season had Laney College students Andrea "Drea Mos" Spearman and Reginald "Brother Reggie" James sharing the mic duties interviewing educators, elected officials and local activists.

Drea Mos returned to school, and Brother Reggie continued as sole host in 2009. The show expanded to include regular Community Forums on campus along with community photography. The Black Hour also launched a blog.

The Black Hour plans to continue to increase its presence on Twitter, Facebook and You Tube, as well as form a campus student organization to better to serve Laney College students.

Fall 2009

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